Kids Jiu Jitsu Madison, WI – Developing confident, respectful and focused kids.

About Fightprime’s Kids Jiu Jitsu Madison Classes:

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, one out of every four students report being bullied sometime during the school year1. Even if your child isn’t being bullied he/she has probably watched it happen to someone else. Luckily there’s a way to prevent all that: Fight Prime’s Kids Jiu Jitsu Madison classes are the cure for bullying. 

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How our Kids Jiu Jitsu Madison Classes will benefit your child:

Is your child introverted or do they lack the confidence to stand up for themselves? Or maybe they lack focus and have trouble working on team? Either way, Fight Prime in Madison can help. Here are just a few changes we observe in the children who are enrolled in our program:

  • They’ll the build confidence and character they need to succeed in life.
  • Your child(ren) will learn to defend themselves from bullies of any size or strength
  • Your child will learn to focus and improve their concentration.
  • Our Kids Jiu Jitsu Madison program youngsters also get more exercise, burning off excess fat and sugar!
  • They’ll become more coordinated by learning the “language of movement” that kids BJJ teaches.
  • Your kid(s) will learn discipline and boost their school grades.
kids jiu jitsu madison classes teach self-defense
Kids Jiu Jitsu Madison classes teach self-defense

So, what is a Kids Jiu Jitsu Class like?

Class length is typically one hour. The structure of our Kids Jiu Jitsu Madison classes is pretty straightforward:

  1. Warmup – Fundamental Jiu Jitsu Movements and Drills (15 min)
  2. Technique – This is where your child(ren) learn(s) to close the distance, take an opponent down to the ground, and get to a dominant position to control the bully. (20 min)
  3. Rolling – This is where your child(ren) will learn to apply the techniques he/she/they learned with a partner in a safe, controlled environment. (15 min)
  4. Game – At the end, we like to play a little game as a reward for the kids’ hard work. Your child(ren) will LOVE this part. (10 min)

And where is FightPrime located?

Our Kids BJJ Madison classes are taught just off the beltline’s Park St. exit. That’s a 15-20 minute drive from Madison, Fitchburg, Middleton, Oregon, Monona, Stoughton, or Verona, WI.

So, can I make it work with my busy schedule?

Our schedule aims to be flexible. We hope you’ll make time in yours for FightPrime Kids Jiu Jitsu Madison classes 🙂

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