Kids Martial Arts Madison – The Cure for Bullying and Boredom

Let’s face it-kids LOVE to wrestle and roughhouse! We’ve yet to see a kid doing martial arts who doesn’t get excited when it’s time to roll around and wrestle on the ground. It seems that kids and even adults just naturally enjoy grappling. It’s a fun, lighthearted way to exercise and learn valuable skills at the same time.

Fight Prime offers Kids Martial Arts in Madison WI: Kids BJJ and Judo

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a “grappling” martial art. Grappling entails close contact, wrestling and various submission techniques. BJJ is a great way for kids to play, exercise, gain confidence and learn to deal with stress. Also, there is no more effective way for kids to learn to be completely calm if someone tries to push them over, sit on top of them or says they are going to pick a fight with them.

Judo is a standing martial art and Olympic sport in which two judokas (judo practitioners) use their center of gravity and balance and that of their opponent to throw and trip the other judoka to the ground. Junior Judokas (judo kids!) engage in disciplined practice of techniques in a safe and controlled environment under close supervision of one of our Judo master instructors.

Kids judo class

Working off the sugar!

Kids Martial Arts Madison classes involve a lot of moving around and some light interactive grappling. This is a great (somewhat sneaky) way for kids to exercise and have fun at the same time. The fun games played in class seem like playtime, and play is the work of children. Through this work, they learn techniques, gain knowledge, social skills, kinesthetic knowledge, and discipline. Your kid can work as hard or light as they would like (although instructors will encourage them to work to their potential). There are no marathon pushup sessions in these classes-we want kids to have fun so they will want to come back and learn the art.

Hugs to stop a bully

With regular attendance over several months, your kid will begin feeling comfortable in potentially bad situations. Their confidence will change the way they carry themselves so they don’t look like a perfect target for bullying. And the best part? There is no punching or kicking in BJJ or judo. Your child will learn how to stop kicks and punches with non-violent methods. Your child will learn how to wrap themselves around a bully and neutralize them without any kicking or punching that may violate school rules. Your child will know they can stop a bully without getting into trouble.

Kids Judo class lined up
Kids Judo class lined up