Frequently Asked Questions:

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"Who are Fight Prime's classes PERFECT for?"
  • Madison Area professionals looking get back in shape, learn self defense, or kick things up a notch.
  • Goal oriented people looking to reach their full potential through discipline, fitness, and new skills.
  • Parents of kids 12 and up who want to bully-proof their child and help them to learn focus, discipline, and confidence.
"Who are Fight Prime's classes NOT right for?"
  • Students with high class load schedules and changing commitments.
  • You’re just along with a friend or just want to “try it out” with no specific goals for yourself.
  • Non Madison area residents: Most of our members attend 1-3 times per week.  You will have to ask yourself, am I willing to commute that many times a week.
  • People with injuries that are still healing. Wait till the doctor clears you.
"How much do your classes cost?"

Fight Prime has membership plans to help make us the most affordable option in the area. It works out best for us to chat over the phone. We will discuss your goals and prices at that time. And, it gives us a chance to learn more about each other. If all sounds good then we will setup your trail class.

"Can I try a class before I sign up?"

Absolutely! Ask one of our staff members about trial classes!

"How young does my child have to be to take classes?"

12 years and older.

"How does your membership work? Do I pay per class?"

Membership at Fight Prime includes unlimited access to our entire schedule of classes for a set monthly rate.

"Can I do more than one martial art?"

Absolutely, many of our members do!

“Will I get hurt?”

Any physical activity can lead to injury – and mixed martial arts are no exception – but because we place such care in keeping you safe…

We hardly EVER see any injuries in our martial arts classes.

We guide you through the perfect way to do each technique. That way you don’t do it in a way that harms your body.

We also show you how to stretch properly – reducing your chances for injury even more.

And you go at your own pace. That way you don’t force your body to do anything it wasn’t capable of.

Our martial arts students who learn quickly are just as valued as the ones who need to slow down, and learn at a different pace.

"Should I get in shape before starting classes?"

We get this one a lot. 😀 The answer is: absolutely not. Our classes are designed to get you in shape! Many of our students didn’t play sports and couldn’t keep a regular fitness routine before finding us! Today, they are in excellent shape because Fight Prime provides engaging classes and a supportive community that keeps them coming back for more. The important thing is to just to take the first step and start. So don’t worry if you’re not athletic already. We will get you there!

"Where is your gym located?"

We’re located at:

1820 S. Park St, Madison WI 53713

The facility is just off the beltline’s Park St. exit. That’s a 15-20 minute drive from Madison, Fitchburg, Middleton, Oregon, Monona, Stoughton, or Verona, WI.

"How big are classes and the space?"

We typically have about 10-20 students in our classes depending on the day. We have a relatively large mat space, just drag the 360 virtual photo below and take a look:

"Where should I park my car?"

We’ve got parking areas in front of our facility.  If it is full then try the Dig N Save which is the next building to the south. There parking lot is open past 5pm during the week nights.


"Why should I join your gym vs. others?"

To create students for life, we’re laser-focused on delivering the highest-quality learning experience. We do this by:

  1. Having thorough and defined lesson plans and stages of progression in all our classes.
  2. Having a team of the most knowledgeable instructors in the area

Because of this, our students experience profound life-long changes: fat-loss, increased confidence, athleticism, and discipline.  But don’t take our word for it…

  1. Read our Google Reviews:
  2. Read our Facebook Reviews.
“I'm all ready for my first class! What should I bring?”

We have a few recommendations for your first day:

  1. Bring athletic shorts or pants, and a t-shirt or athletic shirt you’re comfortable moving around in. Shoes will come off before you step on the mat area.
  2. Arrive about 20 minutes early for class so we can get you checked in and make sure we have the correct waivers signed.
  3. Take a quick tour around the facility with a Fight Prime Staff member so you know where changing rooms, rest rooms, and storage areas are.
  4. If there’s time left over, use it to do some stretching on the mat before the instructor starts your class.
“What should I expect in class? / How does class ususally go?"

Most of our martial arts classes are structured the following way:


  1. Warmups or Drills (15-20 min)
  2. Technique Demonstration (10-15 min)
  3. Technique Practice (20-40 min)
  4. Practice with Resistance (15-20 min)
What equipment do I need for classes?

We sell all the required equipment at our location.

BJJ (Jiu-Jitsu) and/or Judo:

  • Uniform (Gi)
  • White belt
  • Rash guard (long or short sleeve)

Muay Thai:

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Hand Wraps
  • Shin Guards

Krav Maga:

  • MMA gloves or Hand Wraps
Can I use or buy my own equipment?

Absolutely you can use equipment you already have! If you’re planning on buying equipment, there’s some advantages to buying gear from Fight Prime:

  • You’ll pay the same as Amazon for most things, with no shipping fee or waiting for delivery
  • You can try things on and know they fit before you buy.
  • You’re supporting a local small business.

Any other questions?

Fill out the contact form below, and a staff member will respond within a few business days. Thank you!